June 9, 2010

Ron Johnson would allow abortions

Generous of the man:
Ron Johnson: I would agree with the normal three exceptions ... the true life of the mother, and instances of rape and incest.
"True life," I presume, is a reference to physical health, which political conservatives claim they can define independently of other conceptions of the adult human organism's well being. Easy to claim, tough to demonstrate. Scientifically or legally, probably impossible.

Johnson doesn't say who or what might be empowered to make those determinations between true life and, what, false life? Maybe it's something one of those Death Panels could do in its spare time.

As for rape, how disgraceful to now force a woman to prove she was raped in order to obtain a procedure that's been legal for decades.

Johnson also asserts that "man-caused global warming" is "absolutely not proven," which absolutely raises at least two questions: 1) Has Johnson even casually surveyed the evidence? and 2) Does Wisconsin really want to be held responsible for another James Inhofe?

"Alabama of the North" used to be such a terrible thing, for the local conservative Republicans to mock the liberals with. So how in the world could "Oklahoma of the North" possibly be any improvement.

The candidate continues his tour of sympathetic* nut-right radio.

* "I do not make Hitler analogies lightly; nor would I compare Barack Obama with Adolf Hitler, the greatest mass murderer of all time. BUT the dramatic changes that took place in Germany in the 1930s and America today ARE analogous; in fact it’s happening even quicker here."

But the closest Jerry Bader gets to Nazism with Ron Johnson is "Euro-socialism," which is where both agree Obama's deliberative "assault on Freedoms" is taking America. They don't get too over-the-top.

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