June 12, 2010

Steve Kagen goes Godwin

Waxing a wee bit hyperbolic at the DPW convention:
We must never forget that four years ago, when our children and our jobs and our families' health and our national economy were being destroyed — being destroyed by policies that rewarded wealth rather than work — it was these Republican policies that drove our economy into the ditch. It was the Republican policies that destroyed 8-1/2 million jobs. Destroyed 8-1/2 million jobs. It's not an easy task.

One of my friends put it this way: What George Bush has done singlehandedly, the Germans and Japanese together in World War Two couldn't do it together.
— Rep. Steve Kagen, 06/11/10
That seems a little much.

On a brighter note, Tammy Baldwin won the intro musics:
Staples — I'll Take You There
More Staples (and friends): The Weight

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