June 8, 2010

Al Gore invented the high-speed rail

At Milwaukee News Buzz, Sarah J. Worthman with a backgrounder on refurbishing the city's environmental "brownfields," one of which is to become the local manufacturing facility of a European firm.

Grumbles commenter Phil:
Let's change that first paragraph to:

"The recent decision by Spanish train maker Talgo, Inc. to locate a plant here might not have been possible without the no-bid contract from Governor Doyle and Frank Busalacchi that may put Super Steel out of business."
And no-bid rail contracts might not have been possible without their express authorization in the Wisconsin procurement statutes thanks to Doyle's Republican predecessor Tommy Thompson, completed with the assent of then-State assemblyman Republican Scott Walker.

As for Super Steel (which strictly speaking is a fabricator, not a manufacturer, and as such not in direct competition with Talgo, Inc.), it was Milwaukee mayor and current candidate for governor Tom Barrett who lobbied the Spaniards to subcontract work to it.

Meanwhile, Scott Walker stood idly by.

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