June 5, 2010

Capital Times endorses Dave Westlake

He's the one with no money:
The grass-roots conservative was accorded little respect at the convention of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, which was wired to provide an endorsement for millionaire candidate Ron Johnson.
That's more than a little concern-trolling at work there.

"Millionaire candidate" being the emerging theme, and not a complimentary one.* Of course both parties and their sympathizers have a tradition of supporting the other side's underdog because if he's the nominee, he stands a better chance of getting beaten. So cynicism precludes taking too seriously the (staunchly liberal) Capital Times's noble paeans to democracy. In this case, at least.

* On the other hand, it was Ron Johnson himself who acknowledged the "moment" he decided to run was when Fox News fixture Dick Morris put the invitation out for some "rich guy in Wisconsin."

Postscript: I mean, if even bona fide Dave Westlake backers don't take you seriously, then what's the point:
Progressives have decided to embrace the vision of Karl Marx, Engels, Trotsky, Stalin, and Mao. The Founding Fathers' vision was one of individualism, liberty, prosperity, and life. Progressives' vision is one of control, collectivism, equal poverty (unless you rule) and for those who refuse — death.
Jesus, man, step away from the Glenn Beck.

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