June 4, 2010

Glenn Beck disciples in Wisconsin plead ignorance

WI State JournalDon't call Ron Johnson the "tea party candidate."
Kirsten Lombard of the Wisconsin 9/12 Project said she and other coalition members simply don't know where Ron Johnson stands on most issues.
That's because Russ Feingold is the Tea Party candidate. He's with them on keeping and bearing arms, deficit reduction, private sector bailouts, strict constitutionalism in the Bill of Rights, and protecting coal-fired Wisconsin against arbitrary carbon emission limits.

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John Foust said...

It's genius: A political party without candidates and whose party leaders (self-appointed, natch) lack the ability (or time!) to vet anyone running for office. Combined with a lack of any actual policy plans, this would allow them to whine, gripe, and take pot-shots indefinitely, on a bake-sale budget.