March 13, 2010

Wisconsin professors face class action lawsuit

Fox News Channel's The Glenn Beck Program, March 12, 2010:
GLENN BECK: And now, what has happened — what's happening now? Stephani, what's happening?

STEPHANI SCRUGGS: I have seen the most amazing ideas come out of people. There's one group that I know of in Wisconsin that investigated the professors in Wisconsin to see if they contributed to climate-gate. Found that they did, and now, they're filing a class action lawsuit because public money was used. I wouldn't have thought of that.

BECK: Oh, that is great.

SCRUGGS: Isn't that awesome?
Stephani Scruggs, who is described as the national co-chair of Beck's "$9.12 project," didn't offer any further details, but the group in Wisconsin is most likely the MacGyver Institute, a "think tank."

Even more likely is that Beck's reportage is a load of bollocks. He couldn't have been all that serious, because he wasn't waving a Nazi swastika or a hammer and sickle around during the interview.

In any event, a civil complaint alleging that the professors in Wisconsin used public money to contribute to "climate-gate" would be mighty frivol ... I mean, mighty entertaining indeed.

Please don't spoil the fun: Just say no to tort reform!

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Free Lunch said...

It is fun watching the reality-impaired tell each other that there is an actual problem with the climate evidence. People who can actually think and learn know that the evidence is solid. Humans are changing the climate of the earth.