March 21, 2010

Liberals stoop to attacking elderly dog who died

Always with the liberals
"These are purely political attacks from the liberals on a tough, conservative judge that they don't want on the Court of Appeals," she said.

"Nonpartisan election" = "jumbo shrimp."

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Andrew Golden said...

See, this is why electing judges bothers the hell out of me. What on earth does a judge bringing her dog in with her to court in 2006 have anything to do with her capacity as a judge now? And even if you grant the possibility that it connected with her attributes as a judge then, isn't it refuted pretty quickly by saying "Hey, it was 4 years ago. I've grown since that point"?

An odd statement, no doubt, but the whole situation is odd. Frankly, I'm not sure I see her being conservative; her sentencing on criminal cases has been pretty reasonable given the cases I've appeared in front of her for. I kind of hope she doesn't end up winning; I like having her as a circuit court judge.