March 16, 2010

McIlheran indicts lawyers for treason

"They aided the enemy in wartime." — P. McIlheran

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's award-winning calumnist Patrick McIlheran, as usual, swallows whole everything he reads in the Wall Street Journal. So do you think McIlheran has inspected United States District Judge Joyce Hens Green's November 8, 2004 Amended Protective Order and its discussion of "protected information" with respect to the Guantanamo detainees' right to counsel (itself a prior determination of the District Court for the District of Columbia)?

Do you think he might wonder how and why the federal government ultimately "reached a settlement" with the Paul, Weiss attorneys?

Are you kidding? Patrick McIlheran is only a pretend journalist. Would that Reality might have P. McIlheran declared an enemy combatant.


krshorewood said...

Looks like Paddy and Liz Cheney are an item.

Free Lunch said...

Extra credit for the accuracy of the neologism "calumnist" in your entry.