March 11, 2010

We Push Republican Ideas

"Nonpartisan" WPRI. Here's your invitation:*
Republican Ideas, like school choice, which didn't look as good in the last poll as the numbers WPRI decided to emphasize made it appear.
WPRI's concerns were hardly "nonpartisan":
I'm not concerned about journalists. I'm concerned about the Scott Ross types who would enjoy being able to portray WPRI's own data as showing lack of support for choice [which it did]. I know it's a pain in the ass but I’ve been burned a couple of times** and I don't need to be the one holding the gas can.
— WPRI president George Lightbourn
"Holding the gas can" is an odd metaphor for "honestly presenting a consistent array of results drawn from comparable samples." One might suspect it would have been less enjoyable to point out that WPRI's position on vouchers finds weak support Statewide than to have revealed Mr. Lightbourn's fearful partisan shenanigans.

* Includes bonus Gableman sighting.

** "You know what burns my ass?" "What?" "A flame about this high."

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