March 24, 2010

Business model successful for 2,000 years

Their highest priority was protecting the Church from scandal
Former Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland said this week in an interview, "The evidence was so complete, and so extensive that I thought [the priest] should be reduced to the lay state ... "
Evidence of 200 counts of molesting deaf children, and your sanction is you can no longer perform this magic ceremony.

Forgive me, but these people are profoundly delusional.


Clutch said...


Degenerate, in point of fact.

Free Lunch said...

Once again, the bishops show that they are morally bankrupt and that the Pope is just a careerist who does not care at all what happens to his 'flock'.

Jim Bouman said...


More precisely: BENT.

Says something about grandiosity that the punishment for this bent bastard would--in Weakland's words--involve "reducing" him to the level of the mere sheep in the flock.

Timothy said...

Why do you think the hierarchy refers to adherents as the flock? Ultimately, it all seems sort of "feudal" ... to expect anything to change.

AutismNewsBeat said...

"Lay state" - heh.