March 14, 2010

Today's WPRI-4

Headline: Thousands drawn to Tea Party
Story: Convention attracted about 2,000 people.

About 2,000 could be 1,999, which is not thousands. If about 200 attended, would the headline say "Hundreds drawn"? Only in sarcasm.


John Foust said...

Good times. Grover's "No True Scotsman." Prince Rebus's "And please give us more money."

In days gone by, the reporter isn't given the power to write the headline. Maybe in these days of budget cuts, that task has been handed back to them.

blurondo said...

"Liberals Hope to Stimulate Obama with Coffee Party"
This is the unbiased headline to AOL's article about yesterday's initial get togethers. I'm sure that everyone who attended would agree.

capper said...

In conservative counting schemes, 200 is drawing thousands. I wonder if they were counting the law enforcement officers who had to come to quell the melee started by Rachel Duffy, Sean Duffy's wife.

grumps said...

In their defense, they thought that the Fire Department said capacity at Chula Vista was 2.75 million

Ron R said...

They were using the counting schemes invented by the NAACP for the Million Man March and perfected by the antiwar protesters for their gatherings.

illusory tenant said...

You're confusing the NAACP with the Nation of Islam.