March 10, 2010

Suffer the little children

Has this guy ever read the New Testament?


Free Lunch said...

Once again the Catholic bishops show their contempt for their members, their priests and their religion. Who can say they are surprised?

Clutch said...

Read the New Testament? That sounds suspiciously sola scriptura, buddy.

My fave was actually this:

“The main purpose of Catholic schools is religious; in other words, to form students in Catholic faith, Catholic morality and Catholic social values.”

Nice to have that made official. Wonder what all the other (straight, or prudently quietly gay) parents think, upon learning that readin', writin', and 'rithemtic are all quaternary byproducts of the three main goals of Catholic education.

Anonymous said...

If you want to stay Old Testament, maybe their great-great-grandparents sinned.

If you like New Testament, maybe Heather's two mommies sinned 491 times. That's what's nice about the Bible. There's a quote in there for any motivation or desired outcome.

Or maybe the smoke of the Devil is afoot in Denver.

Clutch, I enjoyed that quote, too, except I was thinking about the way some folks would like their schooling tax dollars to be diverted to Catholic schools. It's usually joined by the claims that it's just a school, that anyone can attend regardless of their professed faith, etc.

illusory tenant said...

My fave was actually this ...

For me it was a tie:

"We need to remember that Catholic families pay twice for a Catholic education: through their taxes, they fund public education; then they pay again to send their children to a Catholic school."

It's a tuition guarantee: May this House be safe from lesbian moms.

John Foust said...

Whoops. Anonymous was me. I think Blogger has a bug in it. It's happened to me several times now. I edit, preview, edit, preview, post... boom. Forgets who I am.