March 24, 2010

First Epistle of Paul to the Baraboonians

Stupak and the nuns: A Reformation perspective
Women who wanted to ask questions at the meeting were told to write them on a piece of paper and have a man read them aloud. Some said their questions were never read.
Lutheran school principal dismissed on "doctrinal grounds"

Doubtless similarly enlightened ones.


grumps said...

Isn't that the same WELS that Mark Neumann belongs to? Has anyone asked him for a reaction?

Free Lunch said...

The most surprising thing for me was the 76-74 vote. Doctrine seems to be the smokescreen.

five tomatoes said...

This is in fact the same WELS Mark Neumann belongs to...and don't forget they think the Pope is the Antichrist!

illusory tenant said...

Don't forget they think the Pope is the Antichrist!

They must be feeling pretty validated these days.