March 29, 2010

Scott Walker determined to slow traffic

Republicans demand increased spending on highway entitlements

As commuters moved briskly through the Zoo Interchange, many motorists were obliged to decelerate and read billboards placed by county exec and GOP candidate for governor, Scott K. Walker.

WISDOT said the trip from the Ambassador Hotel to the Brookfield Hooters took about 11.3 minutes at an average speed of 60 mph.

But political analysts observed that the more Walker could aggravate voters, the more likely the fruition of his ambitions. And what better way than to irritate the ne plus ultra of aggravation: road rage.

Sources said civil and mechanical engineers warned America 50 years ago that the nation's bridges would start falling down in 50 years.

Walker was believed to be planning a series of Burma Shave-inspired billboards, containing a lecture by Marquette University professor John McAdams explaining that collective bargaining was entirely to blame for the dramatic increase in construction costs since 1960.

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