March 16, 2010

Crudely drawn penis raises ire at Tea summit

Further to Scoop Liebenthal's report:

Candidate "acted violently," declares former Gableman mandarin

GOPer Dan Mielke's campaign video features a shot — appropriated, he claims, from a "Fruit Films" production — of a vehicle emblazoned with a cartoon erection and the word "cock" scrawled alongside it.


Laurie G said...

There appears to be some coordination between the Mielke campaign and the organization Citizens for an Open and Honest Government of which Mielke is a co-founder. If this is the case, it would violate GAB - WI campaign laws.

John Foust said...

Just in case Rachel is wondering what Puck is doing these days.

Laurie G said...

sorry...federal race. should say federal campaign laws. (

illusory tenant said...

I think there may be more than one Citizens for an Open and Honest Government.

Laurie G said...

Either way the organization who produced the video, needs to be registered with the FEC if they spend at least $1000 on a federal race ($100 if it is a state race) i.e. the cost of the video & distribution, etc. whether a C4 or PAC/527.

In addition, coordination of political strategy with the candidate is not permitted; i.e. Mielke posting the video on his website, promoting it & the apparent knowledge of the video prior to the release.