March 12, 2010

Wisconsin politics comment of the day

Wisconsin voters cast ballots on appearance of the candidate. We want a governor that looks like a guy representing 5 million people not smart enough to move to a warmer climate. We want a guy that looks kind of like us only not too bright. Doyle, Thompson, Dreyfus, remember Knowles? They all have that one unique look, the look of a crossing guard. For Senator, we want a guy that looks smart, with all the college people in Washington. We want other Senators to know we're not a bunch of backward people spending weekends hunting Big Foot. It doesn't matter if the candidate could lose a debate to a worm, as long as he looks intelligent and can use the word ambiguous in a sentence, he gets elected. We all knew what was going to happen when Tommy went to Washington. Even with the appearance make-over for HHS, he didn't cut it with the high polished GOP pedigrees and was sent packing. Yes, even with the stately haircut and frame-less half-glasses, the picture of him at the swearing in ceremony looked like he should be holding a pitchfork.
Thom Carr.

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