March 11, 2010

God less than 50% sacred, Ninth Circuit rules

It's those crazy San Francisco liberals again!
In 2002, Congress' purpose in reaffirming the Pledge by enacting 4 U.S.C. § 4 was predominantly secular. The phrase "under God," when read in context with the whole of the Pledge, has the predominant purpose and effect of adding a solemn and inspiring note to what should be a solemn and inspiring promise — a promise of allegiance to our Republic.
Who ever heard of a predominantly secular God?


Jay Bullock said...

Who ever heard of a predominantly secular God?
Does Clapton count?

illusory tenant said...

Does Clapton count?

Like most musicians, only up to four.

Clutch said...


Ron R said...

Does anyone take anything from the 9th Circus Court seriously?

illusory tenant said...

You like the decision?

John Foust said...

Are drummers musicians, and if so, is the "four" an average?