March 9, 2010

Slappy Ratzinger

Builds character, improves technique
The pope's brother said a slap in the face was the easiest reaction to a failure to perform or a poor performance after he took over a renowned German boys' choir in the 1960s. How hard it was varied greatly, depending on who administered it.
Please, Father, my voice is changing, I can't contr ... *thwack*

Sometimes I wonder: Is the clergy an effective intermediary between other humans and their God, or are they more of a hindrance?

Regarding pedophile priests and corrupt bishops — AP
Sexual lust, naked beatings, red wine, suicideDer Spiegel


Thomas Joseph said...

I think the answer to your question is: Yes.

Not as if corporal punishment wasn't the norm in schools "back in the day". Heck, I've come to find out that it's still not specifically prohibited in over 20 states.

illusory tenant said...

I think the answer to your question is: Yes.

Well played.

illusory tenant said...

Free Lunch said...

Those priests are lucky that their doctrines are unfounded. Maybe they don't believe what they preach. They think they can mistreat others because they don't expect to be punished in an afterlife.

2:46 PM, March 10, 2010