June 13, 2010

Russ Feingold on the Dick Morris candidate

"A regrettable but very candid answer."
Now, the Republican Party anointed Mr. Johnson at their convention even though their primary isn't until September 14 but ... let's talk about why Mr. Johnson is in the race. Don't ask me. Let's ask him.

On his maiden appearance in front of his political mentor Charlie Sykes, on the Charlie Sykes show [laughter], he was asked — he was asked! — what was clearly intended by Charlie as a softball question. Whoops.

Here's the question. From Charlie: 'Was there a moment when you were sitting on your couch and you go, "Maybe it's gonna be me, maybe I'm the guy that has to step forward and do this thing."'

Mr. Johnson replied, 'Y'know, there actually was. I was watchin' Fox News [laughter] and ... Dick Morris came on, who was talking about, "Hey, Russ Feingold's really vulnerable. Hey, if you're a rich guy in the State of Wisconsin, maybe you oughta decide to run!"' This is right out of the mouth of Mr. Johnson [laughter].

So it wasn't a voice from on high. Or something in a dream. Or some businessman telling him to run or some person who'd lost their job ... It was Dick Morris, for God's sakes [laughter, applause].
Preaching to the choir, obviously, but Ron Johnson's immediately stated inspiration is pretty ridiculous, one is forced to admit. He's since adjusted the circumstances of his epiphany to, 'Obamacare's assault on our Freedoms is the straw that broke the camel's back.'

Whatever that's supposed to mean.

Feingold's entire speech Friday evening is at WisPolitics here.

eta: And now on the YouTubes.

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