June 17, 2010

DA must act to seize Charlie Sykes's computer

Local 48 official also ate fish fries, fixed lawnmower on weekends

Yesterday a fake comment, falsely attributed to "capper" a.k.a. Chris Liebenthal, was published on Charlie Sykes's blog, which is hosted by Journal Broadcast Group, the AM squawk radio division of Journal Communications, Inc. over which top howler Charlie Sykes presides.

It was time-stamped 12:06 p.m. Naturally this led to another succession of baseless and histrionic speculation among Sykes's disciples as to what Chris was getting up to at work and elsewhere.

Sykes is currently alone among the "lamestream media" in helping publicize the hapless allegations of wrongdoing lodged against Chris.

At the moment the bogus comment is still on full display at the Charlie Sykes-Journal Broadcast Group's website, except now it's time-stamped 5:06 p.m.* We hereby demand an investigation.

Charlie Sykes had himself a grand old pants-wetting time Wednesday basking in glee at Chris's phony persecution. At the heart of a local nut-right outfit's attack against Chris are three or four of Chris's blog posts time-stamped while he was at home enjoying one of the many non-compensated days off he was treated to by Scott Walker (co-incidentally Charlie Sykes's fair-haired boy and Chris's nemesis).

This is evidence. Clearly, the DA ought to seize Sykes's computer.

Guardians of First Amendment Journamalism
Chas. Sykes Pulitzer-nominating Committee

See also: Jay Bullock, Destroyer of "Evidences."**

* It's not the first time Charlie Sykes's slavish devotees have hijacked Chris's online ID and persona. And in an earlier instance, it was none other than ... Charlie Sykes who was right in the thick of it, falsely attributing to Chris statements that Chris had never made.

** And, on a couple of those other days, fierce blizzards blew into Milwaukee, Wisconsin. One was described as the equivalent of a Category 2 hurricane. What is all of this other than a sleazy witch hunt, with the reliable groundfish Charlie Sykes goading it along.

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Anonymous said...

All lies? According to the DA they found extensive political blogging was done on cappers county computer.

Just wonder when all his supporters will admit the truth, they had been swindled as well.