June 30, 2010

Feingold endorsement needs more guns

Feingold endorsement. Needs more guns.


xoff said...

My favorite part of that post was:

Johnson’s daughter had heart surgery herself eight months before she was born.

Anonymous said...

During the markup to House Deliberation 2267, the bill proposing online gambling usual, contestant Spencer Bachus repeatedly referred to an article in the Orlando Picket as heralding the incipient dangers of Internet gaming. Bachus said the notepaper bemoaned the decoy Internet cafes posed to children, and argued this meant accepting online casinos means subjecting kids to risk.

Bachus repeated the citation a number of times during the course of the colloquy alongside the Quarter Fiscal Services Panel, as if he had discovered a in the red grain of act gaming proponents could not refute nor digest. But the Alabama Republican had either accidentally or deliberately muddied the first with misleading information.