June 16, 2010

Feingold will best Gableman, predicts Johnson

Said Ron Johnson campaign manager Juston Johnson: "Based on Feingold's comments so far we fully expect him to run the dirtiest campaign in Wisconsin history."
Funny. The only thing Russ Feingold needs to do — which is what he has been doing — is read Ron Johnson's own words right back to him. Johnson's the one who said he wants to go get all the oil right now, including in Lake Michigan and Charles Krauthammer's backyard.
"The tea party people have made it clear they agree with some of the positions I’ve taken," Feingold said, adding that Johnson "doesn’t match up with some of their views. He's trying to use the label of the tea party, but under closer scrutiny, they're going to realize they don't match up."
That's not dirty, that's smart. And true.

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