June 14, 2010

GOP bigwigs to Neumann: Stop your nonsense

Ex-supporter was for giving Neumann $10K
before he was for asking him to give it back

Walker backers caught with pants down
— reporter Dan Bice obtains the note
McCoshen, a lobbyist and former top aide to ex-Gov. Tommy Thompson, sent the note to dozens of prominent Republicans — mainly, his fellow Thompson acolytes — last week.
And apparently to at least one non-acolyte.

Xoff: Turncoat Klauser turns Walker hatchet man
Foto: Mark Neumann rallies the opposition Saturday
Also: Doyle and Obey's legacy includes a pantload of cash

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Display Name said...

"No good pol gives away trade secrets," McCoshen said. "What will be will be."

He makes it sound like he plans to do nothing.