March 4, 2010

Cleric backs away from defense of assault policy

While Eau Claire police chief stands his ground
Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki said he had no choice but to side with the priest accused of assaulting a woman the priest was counseling because there was no corroborating evidence against him.
So much for the Catholic doctrine of free will: that alibi is straight outta Geneva. You'd think they'd have learned some time ago to avoid these public relations disasters with a ten-foot Wojtyla.


Free Lunch said...

Dear Archbishop Listecki:

Tell victims of sexual assault to go to the police. You are not competent to determine if there is corroborating evidence. You are a priest. You have demonstrated that you know nothing about forensic evidence. You have made it very clear that you don't care what happens to the victims of priest. You should feel sorrow over your behavior. You should repent. I don't anticipate it.

Sadly, the Vatican doesn't appear to care about what you did or what happened to the victim. If you get into criminal trouble for your part of the coverup, I'm sure they can find you a nice sinecure in the Vatican next to Cardinal Law.

Are all American bishops conspiring to destroy the Roman Catholic Church in the US by destroying its reputation and finances?

illusory tenant said...

The J-S comments are instructive:

"It is this type of thinking on the part of most bishops that has caused many faithful Catholics to distrust most of them. They no longer are respected and their words mean nothing. Most of us attend our parish church and ignore the hierarchy."