May 27, 2010

Marquette faces an economic sanction

Lt. Gov. raises allegations of unlawful hiring practices:
[T]he university emphatically denies any allegations of 'discriminatory hiring practices' and regrets the unfortunate way in which the deferred action was announced.
I guess it would (its attorneys, more specifically).

Marquette University owes its community an explanation that includes reference to the specific writings of Prof. Jodi O'Brien it objected to and how and why they conflict with which Catholic doctrines. It has never given this explanation. Nobody should simply take Jerome Listecki's word for it,* nor that of his judicial vicar.

The Jesuit intellectual tradition advertised by Marquette demands a thorough examination of what are, in its continuing absence, nothing but subjective, conclusory assumptions and cheap innuendo.**

Prof. O'Brien is a Catholic too and her treatment by the political right in Milwaukee (that is, Listecki's constituency) has been a disgrace.

Which is to be expected, but they aren't the only interested parties.

* The chief of police in Eau Claire mightn't.

** The said judicial vicar actually compared O'Brien's professional activities to "unnecessary [medical] testing on live humans," a risibly oblique example of reductio ad Hitlerum and as such an indication of the integrity of the judicial vicar's argument, whatever it is.

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