May 3, 2010

More of this Van Hollen non-story

Shocker: Republican Attorney General is on GOP mailing list
The Journal-Sentinel has also reported that Van Hollen had contacts with a GOP political consultant in Texas while deciding whether to sue to block the health care law.
Pure speculative innuendo.

How about some evidence of J.B. Van Hollen grappling in the throes of indecision at that time. I'll bet money he'd already formed an opinion on the matter long before these e-mails were transmitted.

None of them indicate otherwise.


Ordinary Jill said...

I've also wondered what is newsworthy about this. It certainly makes the usual watchdog groups seem like Chicken Little.

illusory tenant said...

I think it shows that Scot Ross is very effective at what he does. I also think that Doyle made a political miscalculation, and should have told Van Hollen, "Yeah, whatever. Go ahead." Then Van Hollen's Democratic opponent would have had better ammunition. It's one thing to simply want to challenge the federal HCR law, quite another to commit your office's resources to actually challenging it.