May 17, 2010

Clenis retread mints a Tea Republican

Charlie Sykes: Was there a moment where you're sitting on your couch, and you go, maybe its gonna be me. Maybe that I have, maybe I'm the guy that has to step forward and, and, and do this thing.

Ron Johnson: You know there actually was. I was watching FOX News and, uh, Dick Morris came on. He was talking about, uh, hey Russ Feingold is really, really vulnerable. Hey, if you're a rich guy in the state of Wisconsin maybe you ought to decide to run.
What a horror. I hadn't known Dick Morris could inspire anybody to anything other than violent retching. And this is the same Ron Johnson who hired Michael Gableman's campaign manager.

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Jay Bullock said...

"Ron Johnson" certainly sounds like it could be a synonym for "Clenis."