May 6, 2010

Sensenbrenner engages a swivel-eyed maniac

Details @ The Motley Cow.
That just embarrasses the entire State.
Swivel-eyed maniacsThe Spectator
Award-winning McIlheran loves him too.
The potty peer's usual pomposity.
Private Eye, Issue 1235.
Sensenbrenner funnies.

F. James Sensenbrenner's select committee hearing at C-SPAN.
— Four experts and one upper class twit of the year.
Witness statements here.

The Dems brought four scientists, the GOP brought ... Monckton.

"They can't even send us a real lord from the House of Lords."
— Rep. Jay Inslee


Display Name said...

The Missing Curry was pretty good, too, but I'm a sucker for parody.

illusory tenant said...