May 28, 2010

Ron Johnson is running to protect talk radio

Polling whiz Nate Silver says that unknown rich guy Ron Johnson, reported to be the official Wisconsin Republican Party-endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate, is "good on the stump."

According to presentation, it's at least debatable. Of course when Sean Hannity calls Sarah Palin's teleprompted performance at the 2008 RNC convention one of the "greatest speeches in history," you know the bar is set pretty low (as in, buried) for Johnson et al.

But according to content on the stump, not so much. Here is five minutes worth of Johnson shouting the usual Tea Party paranoias about Obama and the media taking away all of his Freedoms.

(He's standing in courageous defiance outside the Capitol in Madison, with Big Government literally breathing down his neck while the fundamental Freedoms are collapsing all around.)

Remember, this is the principled First Amendment champion who was filmed with his posse tearing down the political campaign signs (i.e., "speech") of two of his Republican opponents.
[We have] good people in talk radio who will tell us the truth. Now of course liberals will try and shut these people up. They'll do everything in their power to shut these people up, so it will be our job to make sure the liberals don't succeed.*
Rupert Murdoch, Rush Limbaugh, Charlie Sykes ... those are the real victims in America, and their mighty Truths are under attack.

And the devoted Randian Ron Johnson, who nobly heeded Dick Morris's call for a properly credentialed "rich guy from Wisconsin," wants to be their man in the Senate. Dick sure got himself a live one.

It's going to take a lot more than Tea Party dog whistling, however.

* This blog is doing its part to shut them up by linking to Johnson's speech and to Nate Silver's link to Johnson's speech. Silver's post, incidentally, is mostly about trying to shut up Rasmussen Reports, whose own mighty Truths lie well outside the margin of comedy.

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