May 19, 2010

Republicans defeated everywhere

In Kentucky, U.S. Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell's handpicked successor to Republican Jim Bunning: defeated. In Arkansas, conservative Democrat Blanche Lincoln forced to contest a run-off election against a liberal. In Pennsylvania, Republican Arlen Specter running in the Democratic primary: defeated. Also in Pennsylvania, in an actual Congressional election, Republican Tim Burns: defeated, handily, in a district Obama lost in 2008.

The only thing conservatives didn't lose is their ability to spin crazily.

"I'm a new Democrat," said Harley Smithson, 51, of Baltimore, Maryland, who said he had recently switched from the Republicans. "I want to be with a party that's for something instead of against everything."

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Anonymous said...

Spector Was not a Republican when he lost. He switched parties and ran as a Democrat in the democratic primary. As I read more and more of your blogs I find more and more inaccurate information.