May 26, 2010

STFU, Mitch McConnell advises lolbertarian

"He's said quite enough for the time being," admonished McConnell, adding he would tell Rand Paul to spend more time talking to Kentucky voters and less to the national media.
As if the national media won't report what he tells Kentucky voters. Anyway it's all international media nowadays, Minority Leader McConnell, what with the internets and the satellite teevee. I hear they watch MSNBC in Papua New Guinea.

And while Kentucky voters get to make the call, Paul is running for a national office in a national legislature whose members craft national policy. So Rand Paul can't exactly hide, nor should he expect to.
"Well look, according to the polls that came out after the primary he has a 25 point lead going in to the general election," McConnell pointed out.
One poll, by Rasmussen, which is out of whack with other polls, and which was taken prior to, inter alia, Rand Paul's touching defense of British Petroleum's lolbertarian property rights in the Gulf of Mexico.

I'm no Kentuckian, but that State's Attorney General Jack Conway looks like a mighty competent candidate to me.

Deep down, Mitch McConnell knows it too, as he did what he could to ensure Rand Paul's defeat in the Kentucky Republican primary.

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