May 15, 2010

Marquette flap recalls Josef Mengele

"Academic freedom in medical schools has its limits — that's why we don't have unnecessary testing on live animals and humans," said Father Paul Hartmann, the Milwaukee archdiocese's judicial vicar.
Maybe that's overstating the analogy by just a tad.
At Marquette, lawyers reportedly are now negotiating a settlement with O'Brien ...
Might want to get that sucker inked and notarized before you start rambling about how Dr. O'Brien's writings in sociology are exactly like unnecessary medical experimentation on live humans.

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Brew city brawler said...

Well paddy implied letting her become dean would have been tantamount to ignoring child rape so strained analogies are par for the course here. What would these folks have made of Abelard?

Also, sound legal advice.