May 24, 2010

Ron Johnson caught abridging freedom of speech

To an extent not contemplated by McCain-Feingold

Tea Party Republicans Ron Johnson & Co.* tear Johnson's two Republican adversaries' election posters clean off the wall at the Republican State convention in Milwaukee. (h/t James Rowen.)

The convention endorsed Johnson, whatever that's worth. Johnson's travel coordinator told the Oshkosh Northwestern he was personally summoned to said vocation by the Son of God Himself.**

Nobody knows anything about Ron Johnson, who is apparently running for the U.S. Senate, except that he is a multimillionaire extremist who was recruited televisually by Bill O'Reilly and Dick Morris.***

Could he be a lolbertarian, also?

* Candidate Ron Johnson removes a Terrence Wall sign, Johnson's compadre reaches up and pulls down the orange Dave Westlake sign.

** You can't leave everything to the market's invisible hand.

*** Which is about all you need to know, really.

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