May 27, 2010

George Will's man love letter to Ron Johnson

Sheesh, get a room already:
Ron Johnson ... now is ablaze, in an understated, Upper Midwestern way. This 55-year-old manufacturer of plastic products from Oshkosh, Wis., is what the Tea Party looks like. He is trim, gray-haired and suddenly gray-suited. For years he has worn jeans and running shoes to his office, but now, under spousal duress, he is trying to look senatorial — "My wife upgraded me to brown shoes."
Ron Johnson tells the poor man's Roger Angell his "foundational book" is Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, which is not the Foundational Book you'd expect out of a pro-life Lutheran hailing from the Wisconsin heartland. Or is it. What the hell, there was no commandment about naked political pandering (even Noah of West Bend public school board fame did a little naked pandering, come to think of it).

And Johnson thinks the tome — whose author's opinion of religion makes PZ Myers look like Francis of Assisi — is "too short,"* which is actually a pretty great line. But he also thought Terrence Wall and Dave Westlake were a couple pages too long, so he tore their campaign posters down (which he now says reporters made him do).

Johnson may be even more entertaining than Rand Paul.
Asked how much of his wealth he will spend, if necessary, [Johnson's] answer is as simple as it is swift: "All of it."
Remember: No bailouts, no entitlements.

* Its relentless, one-note tedium exceeds 1,000 pages.


Pete Gruett said...

Piling on the bandwagon of some random, unknown narcissist worked fantastically well for the Republican establishment two years ago. We can only hope for similar success.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Good call Pete- Ron Johnson = Fred Thompson. A much better idea in theory than when it gets into reality. Kinda like supply-side economics and pre-emptive war.