May 13, 2010

John McAdams, obsessed with lesbians

"Lesbian ... lesbian ... lesbian ..."
This appears to confirm our [sic] inference that O’Brien was the designated lesbian affirmative action candidate for the [College of Arts and Sciences] deanship, moved forward by liberal faculty and administrators who viewed her appointment as a move toward "diversity" at Marquette.
Typically brilliant analysis by McAdams, who is a Marquette University professor of political science. If McAdams is correct, that Jodi O'Brien was offered an employment contract because she is a lesbian, then it may follow that it was rescinded for the same reason, which wouldn't bode well for Marquette's legal defense, should one be required.

Fortunately nobody takes McAdams seriously. Except P. McIlheran.


Clutch said...

One of those two "on scholarship" links should surely be to the "big gay news" post. ;-)

illusory tenant said...

Well spotted: Fixed.