May 25, 2010

Expletive demoted

Pabst Theater: Twitter

I think Mad Planet is about a tenth of the size of Turner Hall. Maybe the band's name set the venerable turners to spinning quicker.
Holy Fuck have the divine right to be profane. And with respected music luminaries Thom Yorke and Lou Reed passing on kind words about studio recordings and live performances, it’s no wonder Holy Fuck have become sought after.
Four out of five stars — (London) Times Online, 05/26/10

Video: Lovely Alien
SXSW: Red Lights

Pretty good for techno.
According to a Conservative talking-points memo obtained by Canwest News Service, one program was axed because its grant recipients included "a general radical," "a left-wing and anti-globalization think-tank" and a rock band that uses an expletive as part of its name.
PM defends Tory track record on arts — Ottawa Citizen, 08/27/08

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