May 25, 2010

Milwaukee's hate radio condemned

[Republican former Senate candidate Richard Leinenkugel] also blamed Milwaukee conservative talk radio hosts for creating an atmosphere of, quote, "hatred, not anger."
The poor sod, he must have had to listen to an awful lot of Charlie Sykes to come to that conclusion. Leinenkugel has my sincere condolences, but it's not all that hard to find better things to do.

Leinenkugel has since thrown his support behind this guy, who was filmed ripping down his two Republican opponents' election signs.

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Bert said...

Good timing.

Just today I got to thinking about Sykes and Leinenkugal. Charlie on his show was bitching about the possibility that Gov. Doyle might appoint his "crony" Pedro Colon, a Milwaukee Democrat, to a state board.

I rhetorically asked myself if Charlie Sykes would therefore happily welcome a Doyle appointment that instead reached across the aisle, that tapped a Republican. If you take Leinenkugal's case, that would be a terrible act as well.

Nothing surprising here. Just duly documented.