May 17, 2010

Scott Walker is shovelhead ready

Scott Walker, a career Republican politician for going on 18 years, is now touring the area inspecting all the great stuff U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama's stimulus package has brought to Wisconsin.

But, Cory Liebmann reminds us, it depends who Scott Walker's talking to, whether or not he likes funding Wisconsin schools, tax credits for Wisconsin families' home improvements, and so forth:
One minute he tells the most rabid elements of the right wing that he will not "feed at the trough" and the next minute he is trying to take credit for programs and investments that were funded via the federal stimulus.
Come to think of it, Scott Walker is kind of a one-man stimulus project all by himself, as he's been collecting a government paycheck for nearly half his life. Mind you, he likely approves of his own funding. Surely even the Tea Party is wise to Walker's charade.

Also: Scott Walker only works part-time, calculates GOP rival

In fairness, maybe that way he does less damage.

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Jim said...

I feel the same about his part time schedule. Although he may try to make up for his time campaigning by slashing services at random.