March 8, 2010

Ignore that wimply PC baloney and REPENT!

Local man reveals obsessions by turns erotic, morbid
"And then one wisp of a girl cut to the chase: 'If I love my boyfriend and we have sex, is it a sin? Will I still go to heaven, or am I damned to hell?'"
I'd like to know how [Lutheran youth minister Venice] Williams answered this girl? I am a Missouri Synod Lutheran (as opposed to the liberal ELCA) and I was in the same situation as this girl a few years ago. I believed then and I do now that the answer is "Yes, it's a sin ... and I will go to hell if I don't repent." My girlfriend then (my wife now) wasn't in a hurry to get married, but I insisted we couldn't continue to defy God and not expect to be in hell if we died in a crash. I bet Williams gave her some wimply PC baloney!
This morning's front page news.

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