March 9, 2010

And more conservative think tank "fiasco"

Pollster dot com:
If nothing else, this episode demonstrates the increasing difficulty consumers of polling data have in identifying potential conflicts in the sponsorship and funding of public polling. Simply identifying polls sponsored by a political campaign or political action committee or conducted by a campaign pollster — something we try to do on — is obviously not enough.
Earlier: Think tank hook-up a "fiasco" for UW-Madison

The Associated Press's account is chock full of various Wisconsin political tidbits, yet at the moment the only place one might read it in its entirety is at a Boston television station's website, which is where Pollster's commentary links as well. The Wisconsin State Journal in Madison chopped the AP's 27 paragraphs down to four.


Anonymous said...

Off topic, I had not seen it reported that "David Prosser – WI Supreme Court Justice" is a featured speaker at this weekends tea party event in the Dells; "3rd Annual WI Defending the American Dream Summit
Midwest RightOnline Conference", is this within the bounds of permitted Judicial Conduct?

illusory tenant said...

I don't see why not. He spoke at the State Public Defenders conference last year. I guess his 2011 campaign is underway.