December 17, 2011

Zielinski touches a Journal Broadcasting nerve

Creating 250,000 jobs ... in Red Communist China

After Wisconsin Dems spokesman Graeme Zielinski went on AM 620 WTMJ yesterday and treated a pair of radio hosts to a blinding glimpse of the obvious — that the station is a continuous shill for conservative Republicans in power — its teevee corollary, Today's TMJ-4, ran this as its lead story. "It got ugly," sez the Journal Communications, Inc. subsidiary, because Zielinski referred to Scott Walker as a "joker." Journal Broadcast Group Vice President Steve Wexler "thought it was odd" that Graeme Zielinski "critique[d] our programming." Hahaha.

Is Steve Wexler a joker too? See that there pic?

Mr. Wexler is literally selling those on dry goods and gewgaws.*

They sure think we're stupid, don't they.

* Note the metric system, favored by socialist regimes worldwide. And, here's an interesting item on Hanesbrands, the manufacturers of WTMJ's Scott Walker swag, shipping American jobs off to China.

So, yeah, "jokers" is a pretty good fit. And a grotesque understatement.

eta 01: "Throw a blazer over later for country club mingling."

That would be your Charlie Sykes/Scott Walker public relations geniuses.

eta 02: [Most Excellent] Post by Jake.


garage mahal said...

Journal Broadcast Group Vice President Steve Wexler "thought it was odd" that Graeme Zielinski "critique[d] our programming."

I guess employing a rabid partisan hyena in Sykes can be explained away. But the race baiting? That's the face the Journal Broadcasting Group wants representing them?

illusory tenant said...

On the publicly owned airwaves.

John Casper said...

Bull's eye, as per usual.

illusory tenant said...

Thanks man. And keep up the good MJS comments thread fight.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Indeed, great stuff, and we need to keep the pressure on. The gasping and wheezing from righties in the J-S Comments shows what Graeme said to be true.

And Mueller's comments might even be worse than Wexler's, because Mueller KNOWS he's linked in with Sykes and Wagner and Savage and the rest of the crap that station spews, and he doesn't dare cross or challenge it.

illusory tenant said...

The MJS editorial board was "appall[ed]."