December 6, 2011

Milwaukee ADA concludes: "Bribes" are a wash

According to Daniel Bice:
Wisconsin Right to Life had been accused of offering rewards for volunteers who signed up sympathetic voters in the State Senate recall races. The investigation found that no one actually ended up requesting or receiving the gift or gas cards being offered.
Except the law doesn't require "actual" requesting or receiving.

Oh well. That's prosecutorial discretion for ya.
Landgraf: "[T]hey were acting in good faith."
I'll concede WRtL was acting in faith, but sans the qualifier.

eta: ADA Landgraf's review.*

Reportedly some alleged conservatives are celebrating its liberal statutory construction. As is their wont: only when it's convenient.

* The Media Trackers (pp. 4-6) testimony is pretty hilarious. Its "operative," Colin Roth,** managed to help convince Landgraf to hold Wisconsin Jobs Now! — which outfit Media Trackers had previously accused of "flagrant violations of the law" — harmless. Good work.

Yet Media Trackers continues with its false accusations elsewhere.

So while I'm disappointed Landgraf didn't file charges — the case would have been fascinating on appeal — his letter is chock full of MT comedy.

** s/b Collin, apparently.

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Display Name said...

Perhaps both sides will learn that their minions aren't very good at delivering what they promise. If WRTL/WFA can't motivate its volunteers, perhaps they deserve a black mark on their next performance review.