December 6, 2011

Reporter: "Now Lena Taylor's mad at me."

Journal Communications, Inc.'s TMJ-4 teevee's latest report.

Don't let these reporters, who lay down with and continue to lie down with Media Trackers, make this story into one all about themselves.

This story is about false accusations of criminality, from which Media Trackers is attempting to beat a hasty retreat to concern trolling, by now claiming it's just relieved Sen. Taylor wasn't taken advantage of.


Mike said...

They probably just dream of being the next Jim Ott or Kleefisch.

Brew City Brawler said...

Collins eligibility to vote was not "new information." it was old, old information, Brian Sikma, you pathetic hack.

illusory tenant said...

TMJ's "suggested" is pretty weaselly too. Sikma outright accused.