December 7, 2011

Milwaukee Co. district attorney "sloppy" at best

At best the wording of [ADA Bruce Landgraf's] letter was cumbersome and sloppy. At worst it was written with the purposeful intent to lead the readers of the letter (including journalists and the general public) into believing that [MacGyver dude] consulted and coordinated with [Media Trackers dude] and then provided the DA with the name of Media Trackers’ source.
Via MacGyver.

I'm sure they'll get their "correction" as soon as Chris Liebenthal gets his.


Anonymous said...

When can we end the pretense and just start calling these asshats, The Propaganda Arm of the John Birch Society?

illusory tenant said...

A couple of years ago.

Brett said...

"While all three statements, taken separately may be true, there is no correlation between our reporter’s inquiry into the status of the investigation into Wisconsin Jobs Now and Media Trackers’ subsequent cooperation with the DA."

Take it up with Justice Gableman.

illusory tenant said...

No kidding. G.D. hypocrites.

Graeme said...

"Some" might be lead to believe that these are a rafter of whores intent on using every dirty trick in the book and illegally coordinating along the way. Some. Might.