December 8, 2011

Charlie Sykes' slandering should cost TMJ its license

Shepherd Express via Whallah!

Spot on.
We kid you not. Sykes is selling T-shirts, hoodies and other swag with the slogan "Unite to Reward Scott Walker: Charlie Sykes Radio Show. 8:30-Noon—620 WTMJ."
It's true.


Mike said...

Sadly, while the possibility exists for the FCC to revoke licenses, they're not very likely to do it.

The Shep. story would have been better if they actually provided an example of a station losing its license for something similar.

Ruby Claire said...

Mike, I think you are mistaken..check out the new update of FCC

License forms


Brian said...

Sounds like censorship to me.

Rachel said...

I agree take TMJ's license.