December 14, 2011

Meet your Bradley Foundation intellectuals

The thing about voter fraud is it's just like rape. It happens more than you hear it does because not every victim comes forward to report it.

And that is why Republicans can't report any voter fraud. The end.


Anonymous said...

When the Republican owned Diebold voting machines shifted Blue States Red institutionalized voter fraud made it mainstream.

Voter fraud on the individual voter level is a waste of time by comparison.

illusory tenant said...

Yet they're getting away with this crock of shit.

Ron R said...

I thought your argument against the voter ID law was that there was no voter fraud.

illusory tenant said...

No, the argument for photo ID is that there is voter fraud. Photo ID's proponents assumed the burden. And they're not even close to meeting it, as demonstrated by the desperate flailings of the above Bradley Foundation intellectual.