December 27, 2011

WMC chair lays off 450 workers

Via One Wisconsin Now. Sad. You remember WMC, they're the gang of cheap dissemblers that got the unethical judge Mike Gableman elected.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the scene in the hilarious "A Christmas Story" movie where Ralphie's dad is lighting the family Christmas tree and we see a standard two-pair outlet simply bulging with sparking cube taps. Dad plugs in the tree and the house goes dark as every fuse in the place sizzles out. "Well," he says, "something else will just have to go," and he pulls another plug going to a lamp. That about describes the GOP job-creation policy. The fix would be to upgrade the wiring, but Repubs never saw an infrastructure program they could endorse, unless it involves freeways.

Mike said...

They probably had to do it so they could afford to donate more to Walker.

Some smart journalist might want to search among these workers for some anonymous sources.