December 21, 2011

Wisconsin's 2012 Leaders in the Law

Inter alios, Dane County Circuit Court Judge Maryann Sumi.

Hear, hear. Most emphatically. And shame on the conservative Republican authors of the Wisconsin Supreme Court's June 14 unsigned "miscellaneous order" for their shabby treatment of Judge Sumi.

Also, SPD Ellen Berz. That can't hurt.

h/t Capper.

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Briane said...

Hmm. If you want to be a "leader in law," you need to work for the government or a large firm? Silly me. Here I am, a partner at a small-to-medium firm, thinking I'm making a difference, but I'm nothing but a follower of the large firms, forever reduced to eating their (large-firm, 5-to-1 billing, three-lawyers-at-a-table-in-a-foreclosure-case) dust.