December 5, 2011

Media Trackers "scored a PR coup"

DA: "Collins would have been eligible to vote at that time."
"Is it not news that [Wisconsin State Senator] Lena Taylor and her mother are involved in assisting an ineligible felon to vote?" wrote conservative talk show host Charlie Sykes on his blog. "The law was broken when this guy voted. Isn't that a problem?"
You eediots.

So, people, have we learned our Media Trackers lesson yet or what.

"Laughable, painfully amateurish drek." — This space, nine months ago

Things haven't improved any have they.
Media Trackers ["]communications director["] Brian Sikma said he was unaware that the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office would provide information regarding the release dates of inmates.
lolz Jimmy Olsen. And the crack reporters didn't even call to find out.

Then what's maybe worst of all, Media Trackers scammed Journal Communications, Inc. into putting this everywhere. Unbelievable.


Brew City Brawler said...

So is Charlie Sykes now an accessory to libel?

illusory tenant said...

"If it turns out that you [Ben Poston] have falsely accused one of my officers then I expect a public apology from you." -- David Clarke

Sykes thinks that's fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have some backtracking to do.

illusory tenant said...

Why, did MT move another goalpost?