December 5, 2011

Statement of Senator Lena Taylor

For the past two weeks, my family and I have been defamed and accused of crimes by Media Trackers and by members of the mainstream press in Wisconsin. Completely untrue and unexamined allegations were publicized, broadcast, and printed without regard for the truth or discovering the truth. Finally today, some facts have been reported to the public, rather than wild conjecture and assumption. This kind of reporting should have been done before any veracity was ever given to the Media Trackers allegations.

With today’s news, I demand an immediate apology to my mother, Lena J. Taylor, my family, and myself from Media Trackers and any other news source, including Journal Communications, Charlie Sykes, etc., that willingly reported outright false information, made serious allegations about our character, and did little or no research on these allegations. Given the amount of broadcast time and print space given to these false accusations, I would demand equal time and space to restore the harm done to my reputation and credibility and that of my mother and her organization. These past days have forced me to begin examining all available legal options against accusers who willingly slander and libel my family without regard for facts and truth.

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Heraldblog said...

I love seeing Journal Communications and Charlie Sykes in the same sentence. They are germanic, in the latin sense of the word: Of the same seed.

Display Name said...

Media TraKKKers: "If an African American votes, we'll let you know!